Illuminate Series – Megan Huggins

by Helen


When did you join Communicate and how have you grown with us?

I joined at the start of 2019. I arrived with some recruitment experience but limited knowledge of Accountancy and Finance. Since joining, I have undertaken training provided by my manager and a third party which has helped me to grow and develop within my market. I continue to learn with the help of the other managers as well and strive for a long successful career here.

What are the biggest challenges of working the temp market?

My background has been primarily permanent recruitment so I had to adjust quickly to the fast paced nature. It’s quite exciting knowing that your pool of immediately available candidates will change almost every week but equally there’s more pressure to stay on top of it. Another challenge is creating an initial temp book although I’m fully aware of how quickly this can grow and what the benefits of being a “temp” recruiter.

Do you feel like you have a healthy work life balance at Communicate?

Yes, Communicate are very understanding if you have any personal commitments and no questions are asked. I have a rather long commute and the business is really understanding in having to leave “on time”. I know sometimes this is frowned upon but the culture created at Communicate means everyone get’s to leave at 5.30pm, have early Friday finishes and be treated to the odd night out! The culture here has essentially helped me not bring any stress home, my targets are realistic which means I am able to commit to work and other commitments without any pressure.


Random Fact:

I am currently self learning how to play the guitar – badly.