How to fall back in love with your job again

by communicate-rs_cms

Feeling like you are in a bit of a career rut or finding yourself living for the weekend? Research shows that one of the top reasons employees leave is because they feel dissatisfied with their current role. Of course moving on can often be great for your career progression but if you aren’t quite ready to take your next step then read our three ways on how to make your job work for you again.
Commit when you clock in
Negativity breeds negativity. It may sound simple but going into the office with a positive attitude and avoiding getting dragged into work-bashing with unhappy colleagues can make all the difference to how you feel about your role. Companies strive to create happy and progressive cultures because studies show that these improve, amongst many things, employee work ethic, productivity levels and quality of work. We are all guilty of procrastination from time to time but slacking a lot on the job has a major impact on your day to day motivation levels. Setting yourself SMART goals that are realistic or speaking with your manager about creating a structured approach to your work that suits you, can be a useful way of making yourself proactive and driven once again. Taking pride in what you do and feeling that you are making a tangible difference to the business’ overall goals and strategy will help make any role become more interesting.
Expand your role and level up
Chances are you aren’t going to love every part of any job and there will be elements that you shove to the bottom of your to-do list. The answer to this is job crafting. If you can hone in on an aspect of the role that you enjoy or feel you can add value to the business by contributing in a different manner then speak to your boss about how you are able to grow your position. Often the cause of dissatisfaction or boredom in the workplace stems from a lack of being challenged. There is the chance in every role to improve professionally and set yourself up for future opportunities. Use the time to learn a new skill or become a pro in a niche area. Not only will it make you more attractive to prospective employers, it will engage your brain and you will become a far more beneficial asset to your existing company.
Leave work at the office
Yes, of course, you will sometimes need to work beyond your contracted hours or go the extra mile but it is essential that you don’t sacrifice your down time. Employees’ work-life balance has become a key focus for many companies and it is a trend that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, especially with the addition of Millennials into the workforce. Recharging over the weekend and during the evenings will make coming back to work far more bearable, particularly if you have had the chance to take a step back from it all.