Job searching whilst on your summer abroad? Our top tips!

As the weather becomes warmer and the days grow longer, the allure of summer travel often overshadows the idea of job hunting. Nothing takes the glamour out of relaxing on a deckchair in Spain, more than the idea of work. However, for those seeking new opportunities and career growth, a summer job search can be a great time of opportunity.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of embarking on a job search during the summer months and shed light on the considerations when searching for jobs abroad.

What are the benefits to applying to jobs during summer?

Increased Job Openings

During the summer, many companies experience a surge in hiring as they plan for the second half of the year or prepare for the financial year we have entered. Businesses may have new budgets and expansion plans, leading to a variety of job openings across different sectors. Taking advantage of this can provide you with a wider range of options to explore.

Less Competition

While some finance professionals might be tempted to take a break during the summer, you can gain a competitive advantage by staying proactive. With a potentially smaller pool of applicants during this season, your CV may receive more attention, and you might have a higher chance of getting noticed by high profile companies you may otherwise have had the opportunity to apply to. Summer is generally a slower recruitment period, which means your recruitment agency may have more time to focus and dedicate to finding you a unique opportunity.

Faster Hiring Process

Summer is often a time when companies aim to finalise their hiring decisions quickly due to the slower market and preparation for the busier end half of the year. The absence of certain team members on their break can lead to streamlined decision-making processes, allowing you to move through the hiring pipeline more swiftly. As a result, you could land your next job sooner than expected.

Networking Opportunities

Summer brings a vibrant atmosphere to various networking events in the finance space, industry conferences, and social gatherings. These occasions provide the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network, make connections, and potentially uncover hidden job opportunities. Again, staying proactive and focusing on your career during the summer can pay dividends in the future!

Considerations to help you with your summer search

1. Research the London Job Market

Before diving into your job search, conduct thorough research on the London job market, or instead discuss the market with your recruiter. Identify industries experiencing growth, companies hiring in your field, and any specific skills or qualifications in demand. Tailor your applications to match the requirements of the local job market, or use it as an opportunity to upskill.

2. Be Mindful of Summer Schedules

During the summer, some companies may have a reduced staff due to holidays or school break. It's essential to be patient and considerate of potential delays in the hiring process.

3. Be Prepared for Video Interviews

Some companies may conduct initial interviews via video conferencing, especially if you are applying from abroad or if they wish to streamline the hiring process during the summer. Be ready for virtual interviews and ensure you have a stable internet connection and a professional setting. We have a video conferencing best practice guide. Contact us today for a copy!

At Communicate, we can assist you on your summer job search, and handle the communications to organise and schedule job interviews, keep you up to date on the market, and help you find new opportunities. The rewards of a successful summer job search can be life-changing. Ready for your next challenge?

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