Pressures in the Finance World – Work/Life Balance

by communicate-rs_cms

It seems that everyone right now is talking about the work/life balance – not just their bank balance – even Santander.

Having the right work/life balance is important in many aspects because it’s not healthy to have your whole life revolve around work. It’s a slippery slope that you can easily fall into, checking emails at stupid o’clock and not leaving the office until late – we’ve all been there.

If you work in the finance world, you are to likely spend a large part of your day dealing with career-related stress. The responsibilities, pressures, not to mention working hours all add up.

Balancing a social life, family and work can be tricky, so the Communicate team discussed and agreed our five best pieces of advice for a better work/life balance, to help you stay sane. Here they are:

1. Put the phone down. Now.

We all do it. It’s 9pm and we’re settling down to catch up on some TV, or out for drinks with friends and can’t help but check our emails to see if anything important has cropped up. Stop. Put the phone down. Is it habit? We don’t know, but it’s just not needed. Enjoy your nights and socialise or wind down and relax in peace without stressing about whether Joanne Bloggs has got back to you on that matter – just deal with it in the morning.

For companies that think about the productivity of their workers, life coach Melanie Allen asks: “Is this incessant checking of emails and social media by employees adding to productivity or just pointless stress?”

It’s important to unwind after work and take a break from constantly being engulfed by it. Switching off will help your mind to have a well deserved break and regenerate, making you more focused the next day.

2. Leave work at work

Once you leave the office, it’s a good idea to mentally check out for the day. To-do lists for the next day are a good way of noting down everything that needs to be tackled tomorrow, that way you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you need to do. Creating this list before you leave for the evening will help give your brain a well earned rest, as you are gathering your thoughts, noting them down and leaving them behind. So let go!

3. Don’t be afraid to say no

Are you a yes woman or man? If you find yourself saying yes when your brain thinks no then you need to learn a valuable lesson. It’s okay to say no to some things. You can’t juggle everything and the sooner you realise this the better your work/life balance will become. The Mental Health Foundation suggests that when your work demands are too high, you must speak up for yourself. Think Popeye, eat some spinach and grow strong enough…to start saying no.

4. Perfection? Forget it

Some of us are perfectionists and can’t leave a task until the work is spot on. This involves staying way past home time in order to finish what you are doing, to the best of your ability. Although it is not frowned upon to work hard and be the best, sometimes it can be too much. Take a break. Chill out. You could be in danger of overworking yourself. If you have these tendencies it is important to tell yourself what you’ve produced may not be perfect, but it is good enough – at least until tomorrow.

5. Have your own rules

With attitudes in our work shifting due to the generational change, it is important to keep to your own work/life guidelines, in order to stay sane. It’s reported that millennials are more likely to have fewer boundaries between their work and home life, with 81% thinking they should be able to set their own working patterns.

With this in mind, set aside time after work to participate in activities you enjoy doing in order to loosen up and enjoy life that little bit more. Set your own rules, this could be anything from setting yourself a time to leave the office by every day no matter what, or scheduling one day a week to work that little bit later. Make sure that you know your own rules, after all, it is up to you to find your perfect work/life balance.

By following these top tips, we hope that you can find the right fit for you. Afterall your work/life balance is everything and holds the key to your own happiness – so be sure to unlock it!
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