Processing a Process; insight for interim candidates

by communicate-rs_cms

Recent discussions with our candidates highlighted how important it is to manage expectations throughout a hiring process for the sake of both the candidate and client. Time is often an issue within interim recruitment as good candidates don’t stick around for long and those who work on a contract basis are often hesitant to become involved in lengthy hiring processes, especially if they aren’t currently working. On the other hand, processes are an integral part of business’ hiring procedures and must be adhered to for legal and practical reasons.
The length of a process differs greatly between clients depending on how they run their hiring processes, how urgent their need is and other influencing elements that are occurring within the wider business at the time. We often work with clients who require an interim candidate to start immediately (i.e. the next day) and then others who can afford to take a few weeks to make a decision. Processes also vary in depth, depending usually on the level of seniority of the position, with clients requiring candidates to take part in a variety of stages often including multiple interviews and testing.
Once you have interviewed with a company, you will no doubt be keen to receive feedback as soon as possible, however the timing on this varies due to a range of factors such as how many candidates are in the process, if it is being worked on by multiple agencies and, if you are using a recruiter; their relationship with HR. If you are working with a recruitment agency, it is essential that your recruiter goes out of their way to keep you up to date and informed throughout the entire process, regardless of if the news is good or bad.
Timing is everything and plays a big part in interim recruitment with the phrase ‘right candidate, right time’ often ringing true. The temporary market moves very quickly and so it is essential to be flexible when looking for your next role. If it appears that you are getting nowhere with your job search and are starting to panic or are just frustrated by lengthy hiring processes we would recommend taking a proactive approach, re-evaluate how specific you want your search to be and even adjust your expectations. If you are turning down roles because of something very small or they don’t match your exact specifications it might be worthwhile to broaden your search, especially if you have been left on the market for a while.
Whether you opt to apply for roles directly or to use the support of a recruitment agency throughout your search, you have to understand the importance of processes and take into account how they will differ on a client by client basis. Having a recruiter can benefit you through a hiring process as they often will have existing relationships with the client meaning they are able to highlight your skills and attributes, allowing you to become more than just another CV on the pile. Additionally, a good consultant will have a wealth of experience of the different hiring processes and market knowledge (which can be invaluable when prepping for interviews and different stages of the process) and they are also able to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you secure the best deal.
If you feel our interim team can help you find your next role or wish to share your experience of hiring processes as a temporary candidate, please get in touch now at or call us on 020 3617 9730.