Reading the signs – its time for a career move

by communicate-rs_cms

Not getting that feeling of job satisfaction? Has your current position stopped challenging you and left you restless? March has seen a surge in candidates looking for new opportunities and our market research suggests that they are increasingly able to make demands as companies fight to retain top talent.
Our key signs that its time for a career move:
You hate getting out of bed on a Monday morning 
And every other morning for the rest of the week. No one likes the weekend to end, but if the Sunday Blues are hitting you hard and you dread the idea of heading into the office each day then it is a big indicator that your job isn’t for you. Granted, the chances of loving every moment of your job are highly unlikely, but you should look forward to going to work. Life is too short to wish your week away, so if you are constantly living for 5:30pm on a Friday, then now is the time to consider whether your current role is worth it.
Lack of career progression and opportunities
If you feel as if you are getting overlooked or if you are just stuck in a career rut, then it could be the ideal moment to make a career move. There is nothing more demotivating than feeling like you have no chance to grow and progress. We recently conducted a survey amongst our candidates and for them the lack of growth opportunities were amongst the highest motivational factors for moving jobs. Your job should continually challenge you and it is essential that you prioritise your professional development, as failure to do so will inevitably cause dissatisfaction.
Your salary doesn’t add up
Salary isn’t always the top priority for candidates, who are increasingly placing more importance on quality of life, culture fit and career opportunities instead, but it still remains a significant factor in aiding employee retention and can play a big part in swaying a candidate to make a career move. If you aren’t getting paid what you think you are worth, then it could be the time to switch somewhere where you are valued at the right price.
Culture fit
So many hours are spent in the office (for most London accountants it is over 50+ a week) meaning it’s important to ensure that they are as enjoyable as possible. A key factor impacting employee retention is a business’ corporate culture, which not only improves productivity and quality of work but also can encourage employees to stay and grow alongside a business. A negative culture can have just as big an impact, with an increasing number of candidates prioritising culture over salaries and bonuses.
If any of the above signs sound familiar or if you are interested in seeking a new opportunity, then get in touch now at or on 02036179730 to see how we can help.