To go niche, or not to go niche

by communicate-rs_cms

As with anything in life, recruitment firms come in all shapes and sizes, however we think the more specialised the better. Being a niche agency ourselves, we concede that we may be a little biased, but in order to get the best possible service from both a candidate and a client perspective, we recommend that you opt for a specialised agency and here’s why…
Industry Insight:
As experts within their market, a niche agency knows what they are talking about. From the lingo to knowing the necessary required skill set, specialised consultancies have an in-depth understanding of their specific industry. Each of our consultants focuses exclusively on one area and is supported by teams of skilled researchers who are constantly mapping their core market.
Additionally, consultants have the chance to build up a pool of candidates that have the required skills and expertise. This allows for a targeted approach, and gives consultants the luxury of being able to select those who are going to be the optimum cultural fit with the client, thus ensuring the best results.
In it for the long haul:
Working alongside a niche agency allows you to become more than another client with a job opening. Specialist firms have to prioritise building relationships that ensure longevity, with both candidates and clients.
We think of our clients as business partners and we don’t believe our job ends with a successful placement. Instead, we continue to foster suitable talent and maintain our business relationships so that the client will never be left short staffed, or short changed.
Putting a face to the name:
From the candidate side, opting to use a niche recruitment firm allows you to receive a personal and tailored consultancy experience. Generalist firms can suit wider sectors, however, it can mean that you get cast to one side and forgotten about – just another CV in the pile.
As a niche agency, we are able to provide our candidates with the best chance of securing their ideal role. This is because we send out selective shortlists, made up of three handpicked candidates, rather than endless CVs sent by generalist agencies. Additionally, as we only work within Commerce and Industry Finance, we are able to build up strong networks within our five core areas of both active and passive candidates. As a result, we have more connections within our specific sectors, allowing us to provide our candidates with a focused search and we can proactively seek vacant roles, rather than waiting for them to come to us.
Our objective is to ensure that our consultants support our candidates throughout the entire hiring process and also in their future career progression. We want to offer a bespoke service because, as a niche agency, the lines between candidate and client pools often become blurred and often our candidates eventually become clients.
Communicate is a niche consultancy focused on the provision of high calibre finance professionals for commerce & industry businesses. We specialise in six areas: Core Finance, Tax, Treasury, Audit, Compliance and Senior Appointments. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us on 02036179730 or email