Top tips for making your graduate CV stand out from the crowd

by communicate-rs_cms

Keep your CV up to date
No one wants to know about your childhood paper round, so if you do not have a lot of experience ensure that you include relevant positions and placements which effectively highlight your skills and expertise.
Tailor your CV
It is essential to know your audience. You have to understand the company and what is expected from the job role. Once you know this, you should make your CV specific to the position you are applying for. Do this by picking key words that will grab the client’s attention and identify you as the ideal candidate.
Ensure it is readable
Presentation is key. By this we mean everything from the font you use to the size of the lettering, layout and length of text. Hiring managers and recruiters have limited time. Keep it short and sweet to allow for an easy skim read whilst ensuring that you are engaging whoever is reading your CV.
Make it personal
You want to show the hiring manager an interesting and engaging snapshot of yourself whilst keeping it professional and appropriate. Balance is key! Do not use complicated jargon in the hope you sound like a pro, keep it simple and honest.
Check, Check and Check again…
It might sound obvious but make sure your CV is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  Nothing is worse than the client making a judgment based on paper before you’ve had a chance to make a lasting impression in person. Ensure that your contact details are up to date to prevent any miscommunications in securing that interview!
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